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Children story books

My grandpa helped me climb up in a tree,
that he'd played in when he was a kid.
It reached out and hugged me

with humongous strong arms...
and feeling quite safe there, I hid

                                                                           -Excerpt from Grandpa's Tree

Grandpa's Tree hardcover book


  Grandpa's Tree is a richly-descriptive, rhythmic, read-aloud book for children--the result of a walk    through the park with my first grandchild, age three. Picking up an acorn, he stared at it for              a  moment and came running back.

 "Grandma! Grandpa! Look  what I found...a tree-egg!" Struck by the truth of this innocent  declaration, I sat down to write a whimsical tale of a boy who  spends time in his grandpa's oak tree,  where he learns some unexpected lessons about life in the tree...thanks to a sly, furry squirrel.


  Investigating Pollination 101

           for Grades K-3