​​Investigating Pollination 101: 

A Unit Study about Pollination

for Children,  

Kindergarten through Grade 3 


  New for 2017...


At the request of beekeepers, educators, and orchard owners,

we have written another book (a magazine-style unit study),

introducing the topic of pollination to school-age children.

We have also created a coloring book to partner

with our children's softcover book, Grandpa's Hidden Gold Farm!

​You will find them all in this Pollination Package! 


Pollination Package Includes:

  • Investigating Pollination 101 Book
  • Worksheets, Investigations, & Test
  • Grandpa's Hidden Gold Farm Book
  • Grandpa's Hidden Gold Farm Coloring Book
  • ​"The Inquisitive Young Gardener's                                                 Pumpkin Garden" Lab Manual 
  • Pumpkin seeds for the Lab


Pollination Package

 only $18.00 plus Shipping