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Reb Fishburn: In Too Deep


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Reb Fishburn:In Too Deep!  Softcover, 66 pp.

Illustrator Sophia Orr, age 9

Cover Art by Anna Calhoun, age 13

Chapter Book Interest Level Age 6-10

​Guided Reading Level M/N

Illustrator Jean Marvel

Softcover picture book, 28 pp

Interest Level Age 3-10

​Guided Reading Level G/H 

Grandpa's Hidden Gold Farm


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                           Children's Books: Story books about Nature and Life 

 Coloring Book AND Grandpa's Hidden Gold Farm


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Illustrator Jennifer Ellingwood

Hardcover, 24 pp

Set includes 16 pp, 9x12" Coloring Book AND 28 p Chapter Book 

Illustrator Jean Marvel​

Grandpa's Tree


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